28 September 2010


Ted Strickland is up for re-election as Governor of Ohio. Governor Strickland recently went on a tirade claiming the Republican Party has been taken over by Tea Party radicals and extremists.  THAT'S "tolerance" if I ever heard it!  Hear for yourself.

So here is a Republican staffer and Iraq war veteran, Clayton Henson, who was videotaping Governor Strickland's speech at a campaign event in Lucasville, Ohio.  A Strickland supporter poured hot coffee down his back and then made obscene gestures towards Mr. Henson as he walked away.

This lefty is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Caught on camera, very nice and clear shot of his face for all to see.  I'm glad Mr. Henson kept his composure enough to get this character's face on film.  

It's very interesting the only incidents of violence against those who hold a different political ideology are perpetrated by liberal leftists.  We all know that if there was any incident of a leftist being physically assaulted by a conservative, it would be on every news service in the country for days, maybe even weeks.  It seems these incidents are becoming more frequent.

If you know who this individual is or have seen him, please call the Scioto County, Ohio Sheriff's Department at (740) 497-1120.  Feel free to share this with everyone so we can hopefully put this guy behind bars where he belongs. 


Carolyn said...

OK as for the (well, if I was a lib, I'd put some swear word here) guy who dumped coffee, then came back- he's pathetic, and I hope someone recognizes him.
As for Strickland, where do I start? Uh, my husband hasn't been unemployed because of Wall Street greed (whatever that is). We've not been living at the poverty level the past 2 years because of Wall Street. Every person I know who is either un or under employed, and I can honestly say out of just the people I know personally, it is 3-1 ratio, had a full time job until either a few months after the democrats took over the house and senate, or until a couple of months after obama came in.
I am so tired of the absolute lies from the left about wall street greed- when wall street donated MILLIONs to the DEMOCRATIC party, we all know where unions send their money, and as for tea party? It kills me that this guy in the same breath says, we want to change the Constitution, we want to change medicare.... HUH?! What the heck medicare has to do with the Constitution, other than the fact that socialized programs are NOT in the Constitution?!
What changes does he think we want to make to the Constitution?! Does he even know it? From different interviews I've seen in the past year or so, most libs DON'T know the Constitution, nor do they care what's in it or not.
Ah Dirk, I'm sorry, but I sure do get tired of evil being considered good and good evil.
God Bless, I've been praying for America, and I do pray the Country has one more chance.
Tell Ne, I said hi! Love you guys!

ADB said...

This is a clear-cut case of common assault, which is criminal behaviour. There is no justification for it, neither political nor religious for that matter. I don't feel it is necessary to invoke hyperbole - your plea for further info to be relayed to the local Sheriff is sufficient. IMHO.