30 September 2010


This incident occurred on September 23, 2010. A citizen was assaulted for refusing to stop filming during a speech by Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber at the EMMANUEL TEMPLE CHURCH in Portland, Oregon.  The event was a citzen forum where the public was invited.  Watch the intimidation tactics before the assault.  Watch the reaction of "Charles McC" when faced with someone who doesn't back down from the bullying.  They resort to one of the things for which the liberal left has been known for decades - physical violence.

Even though the event took place in a church which is private property, it was a public event with a public figure.  In that case, people can't be told not to photograph or record.  Public events are just that - public.  The press and anyone else can attend, record, and photograph without having to ask permission.  

Nevertheless, there is no excuse for assaulting someone under these circumstances.  Shoulda gone to jail? Yep, shoulda.  Will they? Nope.


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