23 October 2010


In the little town of King, North Carolina recently, the AMERICAN COMMUNIST LIBERTIES UNION and the AMERICANS UNITED FOR THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE intimidated this small town into taking down the Christian flag that was displayed along with ten other flags at the Veterans Memorial in Central Park by their usual tactic in bypassing the will of the people and the legislative process: threatening to file a lawsuit.  It seems that someONE in King complained about it.  That's right, ONE.

It seems that the majority has come out and is publicly opposing these leftists. There are now Christian flags flying everywhere around town: in front of businesses, homes, bumper stickers, on t-shirts, and including very prominently in town in front of Divine Catering on a thirty-five foot flag pole, right across the street from the Veterans Memorial.

But that's not all.  An retired Air Force Vietnam veteran, Ray Martini, has put a Christian flag back at the memorial, and has organized a twenty-four hour a day guard to make sure it stays there.  He has also threatened to tie himself to a statue of a soldier bowing before a cross if there is any move to get it removed as well.  Interestingly enough, the anonymous complainant apparently had no problem with the statue, just the flag.  

                                                      Lynn Hey/The Associate Press

And that's still not all.  Support for Mr. Martini and the citizenry of King is not limited to townspeople.  Not by a long shot.  Home cooked meals by local supporters are being delivered, but offers of support have come in from all over the Eastern seaboard.  A West Virginia man has donated sleeping bags and blankets.  There is also a Facebook GROUP that since October 3, 2010 has grown from 1,600 to over 3,600 (if you want to join, you better join it fast - it's quickly approaching Facebook's limit of 5,000 friends).

We're getting to a really good part here.  The ACLU has heard the message loud and clear.  According to the ARTICLE, Katy Parker, legal director for the North Carolina chapter of the ACLU made the following statement: "We were concerned when the city was sponsoring the Christian flag, but we don't have any concern with veterans groups displaying the flag.  We think it's great the city is offering citizens a chance to express their opinions."

That is a "back-down" and "save face" statement.  How many lawsuits has the ACLU filed across the country and over how many years about the display of any Christian symbols on public land, whether by governmental entities, private groups, or individuals? Can we even begin to count them?  

The difference is the ACLU did not expect this large a reaction. And the firestorm is far from over.  There is a protest RALLY scheduled for this weekend in King. 

The city is considering several options for the flag to return to the memorial, one of which is turning the memorial over to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  If they do so, there should not be any problem as the U. S. Supreme Court in the case of SALAZAR vs. BUONO had approved of such a transfer of land involving the Mojave Desert cross on April 28, 2010.

Over 500 people from a city of 6,000 attended the October 12, 2010 city council meeting concerning the flag.  The was no opposition from the citizens to the flying of the flag at the memorial. 

The citizens of King, North Carolina did the right thing.  I applaud them and Mr. Martini for taking a stand.  This is the way to handle the ACLU's attempts at forcing their left-wingnut agenda on the majority should they come to your town.  Don't just take it for granted there is nothing you can do.  Stand up to them. In the words of John Walsh, "You CAN make a difference."



Lisa said...

Very impressive and helpful information here on how to fight the ACLU!!

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Dirk: Come on, now. As long as it is a private group with private funds, all other groups are allowed the same access AND there is no problem that the private display could be construed as a public endorsement, there is no problem. The issue in NC was that one religion's flag was displayed with taxpayer money in such a way that gave the impression the government there endorsed one religion to the exclusion of all others.

But remember: the private display also means other religions can have the same access.

I'm glad the private citizens, businesses and other groups are displaying their faith! That is where and how it should be. The last thing we need is government to entangle itself in religious opinions since it manages to mess up everything else.

natalie said...

interesting Dirk!
How are you?
Please come by Lurkynat and leave some comments!
hugs, natalie
Guido wrote in Atlantic Lines that he posted a letter of condolence to honor a lady who was trying to promote charity in Afghanistan: only to be bothered himself with political hacks... so let's treat heroes and heroines with honor !

Star said...

Great post Dirk one of the things I believe is wrong in our country is the doing away with God in our schools.

Just as Creationism is a religious belief so is the non-belief in God also. Seperation between church and, state. They should leave the teaching of either to the parents.

One item in the Bill of Rights that people forget is: You have the right to the pursuit of happiness AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH OTHERS RIGHTS IN THE PURSUIT OF THE SAME.