22 October 2010


Here is a video by G-SKI ROCKS, a black American, responding to the NAACP's recent REPORT on racism within the TEA PARTY.

G-Ski Rocks' challenge to a debate or conversation with NAACP President Benjamin Jealous will never be accepted.  The left very seldom accepts such challenges in the face of facts.

Here is a video I decided to include after following a link to the Tea Party Tracker website referenced on the NAACP's site.  The purpose is supposedly to expose the racism and "other forms of extremism" in the Tea Party.

Notice something?  Out of over thirteen minutes of video, the only racist thing they could come up with at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally is one t-shirt.  That's it.  Traditionally, people found to be displaying or representing anything racist are asked to leave when discovered.  The references made by the attendees in this video are all non-acceptance of racism as being OK.  

Then the interviews turn towards the building of the mosque at Ground Zero.  How is this racist?  Since when did Muslims become an ethnic group?  Islam is a religion, not a race.  FAIL again.  

The left is snatching at straws here as always.  Just I have posted about earlier when a video by Think Progress was exposed for the fraud that it was, the left uses a lot of erroneous material to try to prove the Tea Party is a racist movement.  If you missed my post about this, click HERE for the details.  I expose the fraud that Think Progress's heavily edited video is, and shows that many of the racist signs at Tea Party rallies are really leftists there for photo-ops in an effort to produce "evidence" of Tea Party racism. Click HERE for my post exposing this tactic.

Even if you take the left's accusations that the Tea Party is racist as always 100% fact, consider this.  Out of all the thousands, possibly tens of thousands of Tea Party rallies across the country, look at how very little the left is able to produce in the way of "proof".  The NAACP's New Tea Party report is only nine short paragraphs long, three of which consist of one sentence each that explains what the report is and asking for people to sign up for e-mail updates.  The video from Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor above is just over thirteen minutes long.  References to anything at all racial are much less than that.  So, if racism is so widespread in the Tea Party movement, why can't the left come up with HOURS and HOURS of video rather than MINUTES, and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of photos instead of SO FEW?  The reason is it isn't there. 

What all of this really shows is the left's desperation to stay in control.  They know their days are numbered. Rasmussen predicts the Republican party will gain fifty-five seats in the House November 2nd which is far more than the thirty-nine needed to gain a House majority.  

This isn't about one party or the other.  There is a much bigger message here.  We The People are sending a message that we are adamantly opposed to even bigger government, continued deficit spending (which both parties are guilty of over many decades), higher taxes, and business as usual in Washington after the elections are over.  If the Republican party is smart, once elected, they will stand for what is right, stick to their party platform, and not compromise (the Democrats never compromise on furthering their extreme leftist agenda).  If they don't, they may not stay in office.  Anytime a large number of incumbents are voted out and party majority changes, it's never about the party.  It's a message.  A message that so far has not been heard in Washington.

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Star said...

Progressives will not debate due to the fact that they may loose the debate, thus admitting they are wrong.

The mental strain of that would destroy them. Many would seek professional help.

Look at all the Progressive Politicians that needed counceling
after being voted out of office?

As I have said be strong fellow Patriot and be prepared for the 2012 election.