28 January 2011


Not surprisingly, the outlawed group MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is very actively participating in the riots that threaten to overthrow the Egyptian government according to Fox News correspondent, Greg Palkot who has been broadcasting live from Cairo.  There are no communications in Egypt other than the news networks sending reports and video by satellite.  The Internet has been shut off by the Egyptian government.  All TV stations are off the air.  All cellular telephone communications are out.  Land line telephones are out due to system overload.  So how did the word get out for the Egyptian people to take to the streets?  It was through the mosques and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Click HERE for the video.  

I found the Muslim Brotherhood's website and made a screenshot of the opening page showing their support for the overthrow of the Egyptian government and the idea the U.S. should support the protestors, referring to killed protestors as martyrs, and a direct quote: "Let the freedom rings! Egyptians begining to take control of their country."  Right under that on the screenshot is a very interesting blurb:  "Obama EXPOSED! American lies about freedom and democracy collapsed at the heels of the Egyptians."

It seems the Muslim Brotherhood isn't an Obama supporter, despite Obama's open support of Islamic rulers and his promise to never go to war with Islam.  Well, Mr. President, I have a bit of news for you.  As can be seen here, the feeling is NOT mutual.  You may not be at war with them, but they ARE at war with YOU!

"MB confirms it's not leading the demonstrations, only participating as part of Egyptian people."  Yeah, right, we certainly believe that one.  Wonder exactly with whom they "confirmed" that?  No way to look into it as all the links on their web page just keep displaying the page with their "news" blurbs.

The Islamic agenda has not changed in hundreds of years.  World domination under Islamic rule and Sharia Law is, has been, and will always be the goal.  If the Egyptian government falls, an Islamic government will be installed with most likely MOHAMED ELBARADEI as president. ElBaradei is touted as pro-democracy, but he is being supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Since when has anything about Islamic rule and Sharia Law ever been democratic?   

If President Mubarek is ousted, then be sure there will be a war waged against Israel. ElBaradei was part of the team that negotiated the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1987, but when an Islamic government comes in, the "president" has little power and answers to Islamic religious leaders.  Look at Iran for an example.  If Egypt wars against Israel, that will be when the Obama administration will have a decision to make: support the Islamic government or support Israel.  There's little doubt which way this administration would go on that one. 


Georgia Mountain Man said...

Uh, aren't most Egyptians Muslims? Of course Muslims are trying to overthrow the Egyptian government. Mobarak is a dictator, so it is not surprising. Typical totalitarian government. The people are rising up. The bad thing for the US will be if a fundamentalist government takes over. However, Mobarak pays his soldiers well and he has no qualms about taking protesters out. I don't expect him to be overthrown. This is another example of the U.S. backing a totalitarian government and risking having our own weapons used against us as in the case of Iran.

Star said...

What most people do not realize is, muslims are rebeling but, the Muslim brotherhood are the ones that created Hamas and Hezbollah.

The riots are a mixture of those who want freedom and those who want a jihad government.

My suprise is how the people are not recognizing the threat from the North then now the threat from the south!

This is Iran at work!


Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Dirk,

There are big and surprising things afoot that most have missed. This is merely the early stage of a period of rapid change that will spill out of the Middle-Eas­t and sweep the entire globe.

Now to see if US leaders can stay ahead of the pace of change that threatens to engulf them as well. Hang on to your seats, this train is about to accelerate rapidly.

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